Live at Cake Shop (NYC)

Live 40-minute laptop set (with visual projection) by Obfusc at Cake Shop, NYC, 03/16/2011. Additional live footage provided by Jason Banker. Clean audio mix from board.

Production Notes, ca. 2013:

"All video (except for 'Before We Lose Our Legs' and 'Amateur Cartography', both by Jason Banker) culled from family VHS recordings, a great deal of which was originally shot on 8mm film (and then 'transferred' in my grandparents' basement in the 80's by projecting to a wall and recording with an early VHS camcorder). I'd done what amounted to a rough edit of the video clips, aligning them to my audio segments in Ableton Live, and ultimately just hoped that things would stay in-sync that night, wouldn't crash, etc.

I later exported that audio/video set, which was the basis for this video. Jason Banker had shot additional footage that night on a Canon 5D, so I tossed in a bit of that (without the audio, for the most part, since it was so loud) to more completely document the night. It's the only time I've played a set as Obfusc."

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