Hunts Point

Hunts Point, located at the southern tip of the Bronx, seems to be rife with contradictions: Bustling, yet desolate. Hopeful, yet destitute. Invested in, but forgotten about. To walk the streets is to bear witness to a sort of urban dichotomy: what is, and what, someday, will no longer be. (2012)

A, 2012
AL, 2012
AV SHOP, 2012
Corners, 2012
East Bay & Drake, 2012
Edgewater & Seneca, 2012
ETAL, 2012
INC, 2012
Pallets, 2012
Rainbow, 2012
Reflection (Hunts Point), 2012
Side Views & Brake Lights, 2012
TOP$, 2012
Yellow Diamond, 2012

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