LIC Night

Long Island City, situated on the East River in Queens, across from Manhattan, remains (despite heavy high-rise development along the river) a pocket of commercial and light industrial activity: printers, die fabricators, livery garages, bakers. et al. At night, the activity takes a different form, a sort of active desolation. The pounding of traffic on Queensboro Bridge, overhead. The rumble of the Long Island Railroad as it cuts through the neighborhood. Cabs, hurriedly racing, from their last drop-off to find fares at the bars around Court Square, or Greenpoint, or beyond, glaring at the photographers as they pass. (2012)

LIC Night 01, 2012
LIC Night 03, 2012
LIC Night 04, 2012
LIC Night 05, 2012
LIC Night 06, 2012
LIC Night 07, 2012
LIC Night 09, 2012
LIC Night 10, 2012
LIC Night 11, 2012
LIC Night 12, 2012

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