Infinite Glimpse EP

The newest EP from Obfusc, Infinite Glimpse, self-released February 2016. Produced, mixed and artwork by Joseph X. Burke / Obfusc. Mastered by Steven DePalo.

"Building on the lush, organic sound of 'Cities of Cedar' and 'Midnight Dome,' Obfusc returns with 6 new dispatches of melodic ambience on the 'Infinite Glimpse' EP: An evocative, hand-rendered daydream comprised of layers of shifting crystalline guitars, pulsing synths and warped natural spaces, tightly encapsulated by interweaving percussion."

Track Listing:

  1. Refuge
  2. Prairie Float
  3. Infinite Is Yr Heart
  4. Tropic Mind
  5. Embargo Shift
  6. Beacon

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